The Purpose of This Resource

Thank you for your interest in improving wellbeing in schools. This resource will help you establish a foundational knowledge for effectively utilizing wellbeing principles, measures, and interventions to support your school’s potential to flourish. Before you begin, please note this resource is not intended as a comprehensive compilation of wellbeing resources and materials. We purposefully chose a wide variety of valid, reliable, school-friendly measures and interventions for you to consider and implement in the desire you share with us to improve wellbeing at your school. 

We encourage you to use this resource to supplement your personal research. It may provide a starting point for further learning that will enable you to become the wellbeing expert in your various contexts. The references for each consideration, measure, and intervention are directly below its corresponding section. We encourage you to review each original source as you consider applying this research in your life and in your school. Similarly, the bulleted summary at the end of each consideration section should be used as a reminder of important content and should not undermine the necessity of reading each section and performing your own research. We hope this report provides the information and support you need as you improve your personal as well as your school’s wellbeing.


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Why Is Wellbeing Important in Schools?What is Wellbeing?Considerations: How Does Wellbeing Function in Life

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