LA 4.2 Feedback About Knowing my Second Language Learner


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Candidates have knowledge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English languageproficiency: Literacy, academic, and cognitive development

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 40 Minutes

Teachers, when they study students, can develop strategies and materials to assist students in learning content as well as English.

Students have studied and described a second language learner in their community. Through giving and receiving feedback about completion and quality of work and suggestions for improvement, students come to better understand the process for providing feedback.


  1. Working in groups of 4 students divided into two pairs, shareyour products from HW 3.4. Each pair will read and provide feedback about the work of two of their peers, trying to separately address issues of completion and the quality of work as specified in the scoring guide that hasbeen attached to the back of the work.
  2. Use the Completion Checklist. Record your names at the top along with the name of the person whose work you are reviewing. Complete the checklist and give feedback related to the extentof completion of the assignment, such as ways to more completely fulfill the assignment, ways to more clearly organize the work, etc.
  3. Use the quality rubric to make judgments about the quality of the work as specified in the criteria. Write a rationale for your judgment in each area and provide feedback on how to improve the quality of the work in each area. Try not to confuse issues of completion with issues of quality.
  4. Repeat numbers 2 and 3 withthe second student’s work.
  5. Pass the work back to the author to read the feedback.
  6. Turn in your work to the facilitator, who will review the peer evaluations and provide additional feedback as needed.

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