HW 2.6 Learning about L2 Learners


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of acquisition of a primary and new language in instruction.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Due: Session 7

Teachers can solidify theirunderstanding of acquiring a second language in this inter-view. They will learn from the stories told by this learner and apply this knowledge to the students they teach.

Students are learning about how a second language is acquired. They will findan adult who was a second language learner when they arrived in America. They will interview this person about the experience they had and what helped them to learn English


  1. Identify an adult friend or acquaintance who was formerly an ELL.
  2. This activity asks you to contact a person who was an English language learner, prepare questions, conduct an interview, and plan a brief presentation of no more than 3 minutes. Refer to the interview sample questions sheet that the facilitator will hand out to you.
  3. Interview presentations will be given during Session 7.
  4. Turn in the name of the person you will interview.
  5. This is an assignment you have been given as the course begins to allow you time to find the person to interview, conduct theinterview, prepare a short presentation, and present to a group in session 7.

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