Textiles and Tapestries

Self-Study for Envisioning New Ways of Knowing
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Textiles and Tapestries presents thought-provoking research that explores the intricate and complex weavings of teaching and learning. It reflects a compelling mixture of traditional and contemporary methodology, collaborations within and beyond teacher education, and allows space for considering the implications of current worldwide social, political, and systemic tensions. Importantly, it highlights the central role of self-study in creating insights and understandings of practice for transforming teaching and for generating new knowledge.

Contributions from established and novice academic researchers, teacher practitioners, and graduate students provide opportunities to learn with and from the voices of dynamic and diverse self-study researchers. Section one focuses on the process of exploring and making meaning from weaving inquiry, teaching, and learning from studying practices through self-study. Section two illuminates the act of making new meaning, creating the tapestries and textiles of knowing by attending to the tools and crafting in studying teaching and professional practices. Section three focuses on the formation of new tapestries of understanding as authors share the implication of their findings through self-study.

This book presents new methods, frameworks, collaborations, and understandings of practice that will be useful for teacher educators, graduate students, and self-study of practice researchers.

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Abstract and AcknowledgementsIntroductionI. Exploring Weavings of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices through Self-Study ResearchTapestries of Teaching, , & Strengthening the Fabric, Untangling the Knots & Weaving the Personal and Professional Threads of My Communication Pedagogy to Envision New Ways of Thinking and KnowingStriving to Sustain Ourselves & Knit 1, Purl 1A Journey Toward Course Assessment as a Relational Practice in Mathematics Methods, , & Praxis, Pedagogy, and the Life of Being , , & Exploring New Ways of Knowing as Ex-Administrators, , & A Self-Study of Aligning Pedagogy with Technology in Online Course Design & Self-Study and the ApparatusSuper Model...You Better Work Navigating Stranger Things, , & Visibility in Virtual SpaceReflecting on Supporting the Development of Reflexivity in Pre-Service Teachers & Weaving the Tapestry of my Academic Identity in Three Panels & Exploring the Power of Metaphors to Build the Boat through Self-StudyS-STEP in Comparative and International Education & Shared Learning, Different Contexts, , & Exploring Intersectionality & An Ethic of Care and Shifting Self-Study ResearchThe Legacy of a MurderRe-connecting to the Classroom Teacher Within Us & Pulling at Loose Threads & Looking Back, Looking Forward Identity Theft on the Way to an Administrative Role, , & Retrospective Self-Study & II. Inspiring New Methods, Frameworks, and Collaborations through Self-Study Research Envisioning Writing as a Way of Knowing in Self-StudyEnvisaging New Ways of Knowing for Social Change, , & Critical Collaboration & Triggered by the Kavanaugh Hearings & Pedagogical Tapestries & Weaving Self-Studies through Journaling & "We're Completely the Same Kind of Lunatic" & Serving Metropolis, , & "Well, It's Also about Me and My History"Narrative Metissage & 'Substituting' Becomes a New Way of Knowing & Cartography of Leadership in Teacher Education & Delving Deep into the Society of Your MindStrength in Numbers, , , , , , , , & Talking Back to Teacher Education and Other (So Called) Helping Professions, , & Using Autobiographical Self-Study Methods to Expand New Ways of Knowing Collaborative Writing & Telling is not Teaching, Listening is not Learning & Envisioning New Meanings through Found Poetry & Envisioning New Ways of Knowing & More-than Critical Friendship, , , & Unravelling in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) EnvironmentIII. Forming New Understandings from Self-Study ResearchIntroducing New Practices in a Teacher Education Classroom, , & Exploring the Contribution of Self-Study of Teacher Education Practice to the Conversation on Research on Teacher Education, , , & The Self You Have to Live With & A Closer Look & Teaching Across Time and Space & Weaving English-Language Learner Instruction into a Differentiation CurriculumEnacting a Personal Pedagogy of Facilitating Professional Learning for Teachers & Queering my PraxisRe-Envisioning Early Childhood Mathematics Education Weaving Formal Teacher Education with Non-Formal Environmental EducationWeaving Threads of Care, , , , & A Self-Study: Facilitating an Early Childhood Critical Literacy Junk Art Club with Preservice TeachersBreaking Out of Well-Worn Grooves, , & Weaving Our Strengths & Teacher Educators' Embodied Resilience in Responding to Race-Based Critical Incidents in Social Justice Education & Characteristics of Critical Friendship that Transform Professional Identity & Dialogue Practices in Teacher Education Classrooms, , , & Digitally InclinedStitching Together our Personal and Professional Selves & Willing to Turn to The Body & Weaving Discussions with Questioning, , & Tensions of Learning on the Job & Uneasy is the Teacher EducatorLearning to Productively Struggle with Self-Study through Feedback and Failed Attempts & Pulling on the Threads of Our Teaching Practices, , & AppendicesAuthor AffiliationsList of AuthorsList of Keywords


, , & (2020). Textiles and Tapestries: Self-Study for Envisioning New Ways of Knowing. Equity Press. https://equitypress.org/textiles_tapestries_self_study


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