Session 8: Sharing My Learning

LA 8.1—In pairs or trios assigned by you, each group is assigned one of the three Literacy Guidelines for ELs found in the link as well as one of the principles beneath it. They are given time to create a 5-slide power point or prezi to do the power point according to the instructions in the learning activity. Once they are finished with that, call groups to show their power point beginning with Build, then Expand, and finally Create. The class will glean information from the different presentations on each of the guidelines and its accompanying two principles.  

LA 8.2—Teachers self-select a group of 5 consisting of people they haven’t worked with a lot during the course and preferably mixed with elementary and secondary represented in each group. In the group setting, each person takes a turn sharing the part of their unit they are very happy with, tying it to the objectives of the unit and the accommodations they made for their two students. If you have time, have them switch groups and do it again. You should circulate around the room listening and asking questions. 

LA 8.3—This ties to one of the homeworks from session 7 in which teachers read two quotes and then identified one way they are willing to improve as a teacher to become their best-loved teacher. Teachers ‘roam the room’ and form a group to share their commitments with They can also share what they’ll do to become their best-loved teacher self. Then they move to another group of three until you determine it’s time to stop. Have teachers write down some of the things shared to reflect on as they move forward teaching ELs. 

Be sure you have access to each person’s final project and explanatory document for grading purposes and send them on their way.  


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