Session 6: Stages of Development and Errors and Feedback

At the end of this session, be sure to tell teachers they need to bring all the information and testing they have collected on the student they are studying next week.  In session 7, they have time to work on the variability matrix, preparing them for presenting their student next week. 

LA 6.1 (30 min) Video Segment 7.1 on Stages of Development: PatternTeachers need the response sheet found in the LA 6.1 folderPull up the video segment and have teachers watch and answer the questions on the response sheet.  Then lead a discussion on what they learned from the video. 

LA 6.2 (40 min) Charting Treasure: Mapping Stages of DevelopmentTeachers need the handout of several pages (back-to-back) found in the LA 6.2 folder, Charting Treasure. This is an activity for teachers to review the demands of learning English.  Begin by going through the first two pages as a class.  Then divide the class into table groups as you model what they need to do in their group using #1 from the handout. Each group will complete the form for their assignment.  Lead a class discussion after this is complete. For this activity, you’ll need to be sure each teacher has a copy of the chart entitled Proficiency Levels Response Page.  It is the 4th page in the handout. They need to fill it and turn it in at the end of class 

LA 6.3 (30 min) Patterns: Errors and Feedback—You will now show the next video to the class on Pattern: Errors and Feedback. They need to fill in the response sheet found in the folder. Follow this up with a class discussion about what they learned.  

LA 6.4 (30 min) Error Analysis of Student Writing—This activity asks teachers to pay attention to teacher work and student work on the TELL Tool chart for Second Language Acquisition.  They need to have the other 2 pieces in the folder for this learning activity. You model how to use the Language Systems Inventory and WIDA Can-Do Descriptors.  Explain that the teachers will do the same thing for the student they are studying.  Give them some time to begin that work on their own. 

LA 6.5 (25 min) Table Problems—This activity asks teachers to analyze one of the samples of their student’s writing.  They will work in table groups to assist each other in doing this. Circulate around the room to assist or add to the conversations.  

HW 6.1—This is the regular reflection sheet for teachers to put in their online journal. 

HW 6.2—Teachers need access to the HW 6.2 extras found in the folder for this homework. They will add the other 2 samples of writing from their student to complete the analysis they began in this session. They will attach the scoring guide to this work. 

HW 6.3—Teachers are to read chapter 2, only the part entitled ‘What Does It Mean to Know a Language’.  They are to take notes on the empty outline and identify ideas presented in the chapter they would like to incorporate into their work with ELs.  They need to be prepared to discuss this reading next week. 

HW 6.4Teachers need to have access to Spolsky’s model and the back-to-back worksheet found in the folder for this homeworkExplain this homework very clearly so teachers know exactly how to get to the video segments they need. Also review with them each item in the learning activity sheet and answer any questions they may have. They are doing these video segments at home to save time in session 7.  

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