Session 1: Language and Identity

Homework Review Note: Be sure to leave five or ten minutes as class ends to go over the homework activities teachers will be doing so you can answer questions and make sure they understand what they need to do. 


Session 1: 

LA 1.1 (20 min) Did you know? This is the Knowledge Treasure Hunt to introduce teachers to the idea of what second language acquisition is all about.  Teachers need a copy of the Knowledge Treasure Hunt cards on card stock so you can save them for the next time you teach this course.  They are found in LA 1.1 online.  Each teacher will take one and follow the directions on the learning activity.  Teachers also need a copy of the Knowledge Treasure Hunt worksheet, also found in LA 1.1, for each teacher to fill in for the activity. After they have filled in the worksheet for the first card, they need to find cards and talking partners for each of the other parts of the worksheet.  They’ll turn this in at the end of the activity. 


LA 1.2 (20 min) My Language Experience—Each teacher will fill out a language experience on the form located inside LA 1.2 online.  They follow the directions on the learning activity. Float around to assist as they work on the task. 


LA 1.3 (45 min) Whose Language Is Correct?—You will need to bring a poster for each group of four.  Each group needs to have a yellow marker and a black marker to use for the work they will do on the poster. Teachers need access to the articles so that each group will have enough for the 4 people to each article  (in their group. The articles are included in the LA 1.3 folder along with the learning activity. 


L.A 1.4 (15 min) Accents and Dialects-What Do You Hear?Each teacher needs the accents and dialects sheet found in the folder for LA 1.4.This is an activity that begins with you showing a video to the class—the link is on the Learning Activity form itself.  Have a brief conversation with the class about language use.   One thing that shows we are from Utah is that we say ‘mountain’ and fountain’ without pronouncing the medial /t/ sound.  We usually use a stop there, making it sound like moun-nnn.  Most people identify that with the way we speak in Utah.  Ask teachers to use a computer for their group so they can watch the video noted in the instructions.  Teachers can look at the active viewing guide for note-taking.  Lead a class discussion after this video segment.  


LA 1.5 (20 min) Questions We Have Writing Wall—Teachers will post their Language Experience from LA 1.2 in the room.  Have them make notes about the ones they have time to read as they go around the room.  Lead a brief discussion with the class about their responsibilities to students in their classrooms. 


LA 1.6—Teachers use the sheets included in this learning activity which will be used at different times across the course to complete their final project.  Encourage teachers to deposit these copies in a folder or envelope so they don’t lose them before the course ends.  Some of them will be needed as they observe and work with their student.  Others need to be turned in for grading by class members and you. It’s important they don’t lose them.  Just spend enough time to share this assignment with them, have them take the materials home to look at and come back with questions they have to be answered next week in session 2.   

Homework Review 

 HW 1.1—This is a reflection piece that students can keep online so they can turn it in to you several times during the course, whenever you determine (so you don’t have to read all of their reflections at the same time.  You can choose to have them email it to you weekly or 3 or 4 times during the class.  At the end of the course, they will receive a grade worth a total of 800 points towards their grade.  Help to see how important this is for them to do.   


HW 1.2—Teachers read the article in HW 1.2 and answer the reading guide as well.  The 4 1-page stories are included in the readings.  Also make copies of the reading guide and the response story sheet.  Be sure to assign each teacher one of the stories to respond to.  They will turn in this work as homework next week. 


HW 1.3—Teachers need the Cummins article and the 2 chartsTeachers need to write the paragraph required at the end of the instructions and bring it to session 2. 


HW 1.4—Teachers will read chapter 1 in the Wayne Wright book.  They need to know the definitions and jot notes for the guiding questions found in the chapter. Bring these next week. 


HW 1.5—Teachers need to select a student to study for the display of professional development which is their final project.  You have already given them the papers for this task and they should be sure they are in a safe place so they can use them as necessary. 


HW 1.6—Teachers are briefly introduced to the final project that they will complete for this course.  It is due in session 8, but they will work on it in several different LAs and HWs throughout the course.  Tell them to come next week with questions and you will answer them for the first few minutes in class.  

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