• Developing Second Language Literacy
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  • Session 1: Analyzing My Literacy Background
  • Session 2: Increasing Awareness of Language, Literacy, and Power
  • Session 3: Designing a Literacy-Focused Classroom
  • Session 4: Building Knowledge of Academic Language
  • Session 5: Assisting Students in Understanding and Constructing Texts
  • Session 6: Intentionally Teaching Writing in Content Area Instruction
  • Session 7: Critiquing, Reviewing, Editing, Revising My Unit Plan
  • Session 8: Sharing My Learning
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  • LA 7.4 Center 4: Attending to Writing Instruction


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate knowledge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English language proficiency: literacy, academic, and cognitive development. (footnote language and definition)

    Assessment: 25pts.

    TA: 20 Minutes

    Teachers can gather to critique and respond to their Unit Plan and Lessons. They can use the critique to improve these lessons specifically and their teaching practice more generally. 

    Students have learned how to recognize, honor, and draw on prior knowledge and cultural experiences in their teaching. They have learned how to identify where students are in learning language and developing literacy. They know how to design lessons and assessments that elicit student knowledge and promote learning.


      How to Run the Center: For this center, you will meet in groups of 4 for 20 minutes. Have someone keep time as you work in pairs to review unit plans. The center will be divided into five 4 minute segments. Give each person a number from 1 to 4. Use the following sequence for this learning activity:


      1. Review the unit plan, looking for writing instruction that provides effective writing practices, authentic writing opportunities, and process writing. Consider the following questions to guide your discussion.
        • How do the writing unit revisions attend to literacy needs and strengths of all students in the classroom generally, and the two ELLs from the Literacy Profile, specifically? 
        • What changes to writing assignments did you make to attend to the literacy needs of all your students and specifically, you ELLs?
        • How do you see literacy differently based on the specific changes you made to academic language and vocabulary and reading comprehension activities?  
        • Is there evidence of students using different text structures to write?
        • How are the writing and reading activities interconnected? Do they compliment each other?
      2. Use the Build Literacy, Expand Literacy, and Create Literacy rows of the notes table to record ideas you want to include in your Explanatory Document. 

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