LA 6.3 Creating Authentic Writing Opportunities


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy and content area subjects.

Assessment: 20 pts.

TA: 35 Minutes

Teachers will design and implement authentic writing activities in the their content that builds EL literacy skills. 

Teachers have learned about effective writing practices and connecting their readings to their writing assignments. Now, they will learn about how to create authentic writing opportunities based on EL standards.


  1. In groups of 2-3, use the section from Wright, Promoting Writing Development for ELs in the Classroom (pgs. 232-242, 2nd edition/pgs. 243-252, 3rd edition), to discuss ways to create authentic writing opportunities for your ELs. Remember to write key ideas down on your graphic organizer.
  2. Review the concepts of modeled writing, shared writing, guided writing, interactive writing, and journals.
    • How do these scaffold the writing process, especially for your ELs? 
    • Which ones do you rely on in your classroom to help you meet the needs of your ELs?
    • What makes an authentic writing assignment authentic?
    • Think of writing assignments you've used in the past; how could you make them more authentic and meaningful?
    • Looking at your unit revision, which ideas could you include to help the performance of your ELs?

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