LA 5.1 Accumulating Knowledge for Promoting Literacy Development

Sharing and analyzing your assets


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Articulate knowledge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English language proficiency: literacy, academic, and cognitive development. (footnote language and definition)

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 20 Minutes

Teachers can integrate and then articulate  their knowledge of supporting ELs content learning, ability to access knowledge from text, and their development as readers.

Students have identified units and lessons they would like to make more attentive to developing their own students' content knowledge and literacy development. They have learned about academic language development, assessment, language acquisition, and building on the academic, background and cultural knowledge students bring to learning. They have learned to assess the literacy development of Els and identify next steps in their language and literacy development. 


For all of the learning activities in this session, you will use the Session 5 Key Ideas worksheet to take notes on the key ideas you want to remember. In a debrief activity at the end of this session, you will use the Session 6 Key Ideas worksheet to look over the writing assignments in your unit plan and see how you want to make changes.

  1. The facilitator will work with students to review their learning about developing academic language from their work on the Unit Plan and the ideas taught in the last class session through attention to vocabulary.
  2. The facilitator will discuss the things you learned from your homework that you need to bring forward into your classwork this week:
    • Building student comprehension
    • Attending to text structures in developing literacy
    • Readings from Wright
  3. The facilitator will review the Multiple Simultaneous Diverse Learning Activities (MSDLAs) you will engage in and the instructions and resources you will need for each.
  4. This work will build on your work on your Unit Plan and Lessons, your attention to vocabulary development, and then based on the readings for the lessons your brought, learn about and apply to your lesson plans how you will attend to building both content knowledge and literacy development in this Unit. 

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