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  • Session 1: Analyzing My Literacy Background
  • Session 2: Increasing Awareness of Language, Literacy, and Power
  • Session 3: Designing a Literacy-Focused Classroom
  • Session 4: Building Knowledge of Academic Language
  • Session 5: Assisting Students in Understanding and Constructing Texts
  • Session 6: Intentionally Teaching Writing in Content Area Instruction
  • Session 7: Critiquing, Reviewing, Editing, Revising My Unit Plan
  • Session 8: Sharing My Learning
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  • LA 3.4 Planning Lessons that Build Learners' Literacy


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy

    Assessment: 50 pts.

    TA: 40 Minutes

    Teachers can analyze a lesson plan and identify adjustments they can make to increase the literacy focus of the lesson.

    Students are learning about literacy rich and literacy focused classrooms and three ideas about creating literacy focused classrooms from Cummins. They are prepared to apply them in their teaching.



    1. For this lesson you can work in pairs but you will be applying what you have learned in the course so far to develop one or more of the lessons in your Unit for your final project. 
    2. For this activity, you will need three documents you created in this session:
      • Your list of literacy practices that should be evident in those teaching at your grade level or in your content area.
      • Evaluation of My Enacting SEP form,
      • Your notes documenting your understanding of the Literacy Guidelines.
    3. You will also need two documents you brought with you:
      • Capturing Three Ideas from Cummins and
      • Your beginning work on your Unit Plan.
    4. Use the Planning to Improve the Literacy Focus of a Lesson worksheet. 
    5. Follow the the directions on the worksheet. 
    6. You could switch your worksheet with someone else and ask for their ideas.
    7. When you finish the planning worksheet, turn to another lesson and repeat the process. 

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    Access it online or download it at https://equitypress.org/second_language_literacy/la_33_creating_lesso.