LA 1.4 Assessing for Literacy Development


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy. 

Assessment: pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Categorize literacy assessments by the area of language that they measure semantics, phonology, morphology and syntax.

Students have learned about the theories of literacy and the views of literacy, using prior knowledge of literacy measures and past learning combined with current assessments examined in this assignment. Students will identify the most appropriate measure for each area of language to meet diverse student needs.


  1. Individually review some of the current reading assessments used by reading the summaries from the List of Literacy Assessments. Use the links to go to the actual tests to find more information. Take notes on the What Does Each Test Assess in the Area of Language handout. Review the handout Types of Assessments for English Language Learners used in the Assessment Course to see the types of assessment used to help place and teach ELLs.

  1. In groups, complete the What Does Each Test Assess in the Area of Language handout by deciding what each test is assessing and what area of language is tested. The areas of language are defined at the top of the handout. Discuss the differences between the 2 handouts: List of Literacy Assessments and Types of Assessments with English Language Learners. How do they impact your teaching practices?

  1. When called upon, students will report on their findings. The facilitator will record responses on the board, and lead a discussion of the findings based on the following questions:

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