• Developing Second Language Literacy
  • Welcome to TELL
  • Session 1: Analyzing My Literacy Background
  • Session 2: Increasing Awareness of Language, Literacy, and Power
  • Session 3: Designing a Literacy-Focused Classroom
  • Session 4: Building Knowledge of Academic Language
  • Session 5: Assisting Students in Understanding and Constructing Texts
  • Session 6: Intentionally Teaching Writing in Content Area Instruction
  • Session 7: Critiquing, Reviewing, Editing, Revising My Unit Plan
  • Session 8: Sharing My Learning
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  • LA 1.1 Understanding My Literacy Background and Practices


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Use knolwedge and skills to construct learning environments that support development of English language proficiency.

    Assessment: 25 pts.

    TA: 45 Minutes

    Articulate your beliefs about literacy and discuss ways they impact your ability to develop literacy in a second language learning.

    Students come to a new learning with a history of learning and being literate that will frame new learning about literacy development. They begin to activate their own literacy histories by asking and responding to questions about their own experience. Students use this individual experience to create a collective profile of the class. 


    Part A: Complete Literacy Inventory and discuss findings with a partner.

    Part B: Complete Literacy Timeline and discuss findings with a partner.

    Part C: Discuss these questions in pairs:

    1. What are the literacy principles that guide your pedagogy and instruction (in planning, in teaching, in assessing)?
    2. How do you attend to teaching literacy in your educational practice?
    3. How are your personal experiences reflected in your literacy teaching practices?

    Part D: Based on the Inventory, Timeline and Discussions, create a Personal Literacy Statement and a Literacy Education Practices Statement (Bring these to Session 2). Write each of these statements and share them in groups. Be prepared share them with the whole class when asked by the facilitator.

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