LA 5.3 Center 2: Building on and Developing Oral Language


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching literacy

Employ theories of first and second language acquisition in teaching content area subjects.

Assessment: 50 pts.

TA: 25  Minutes

Through reviewing the ideas about reading drawn from readings and Videos, teachers can apply developing understandings of designing lessons and units that support literacy development.

Students have learned about defining content and language objectives, supporting the development of academic language, Literacy guidelines for ELs, and developing literacy focused classrooms. They are now ready to deepen their understanding about supporting their students reading skills.


    1. Based on your reading from Wright pg. 197 (3rd edition), pg. 186 (2nd edition), you have learned that oral language development is critical if ELs are going to build literacy beyond word-level skills. 
    2. You will discuss these questions:
      • What is the role of oral language development in reading comprehension?
      • Why is oral language development critical to address the issues of struggling readers particularly ELs?
      • How does oral language development support reading comprehension? 
    3. Review your lesson plans with your colleagues and identify 
      • Where in your lesson could you increase peer interaction to increase student comprehension?
      • How can you enlist students in activities so they can be more capable peers for each other?
      • What alterations in a lesson or activity could do this?
      • Think as well about your homework. How might you involve student interaction with parents, friends or family to increase student understanding of the texts you are having them read or the ideas they are learning? 
    4. At the end of the discussion, take a minute with your colleagues and identify how you can in general build and rely on oral language to support students in comprehending the ideas you are teaching? Record important ideas on the Session 5 Key Ideas worksheet.

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