First, we wish to thank the contributing authors, not only for sharing their work but for also providing valuable peer reviews throughout this three-phase, double-blind, peer-review process. Our initial call for proposals yielded 101 submissions; 83 were invited to submit final chapters for consideration of inclusion in round two, and round three resulted in 68 chapters included in the book. We acknowledge the perseverance and commitment the authors and peer reviewers showed to the process.

With gratitude, we acknowledge the following members of the research community who generously offered their time and expertise as peer reviewers who rigorously and constructively critiqued chapters:

Linda Abrams; Nikki Aharonian; Valerie Allison; Derek Anderson; Monica Anthony; Mahtob Aqazade; Stephanie Baer; Christine Beaudry; Blake Bennet; Katarina Blennow; Richard Bowles; Rebecca Buchanan; Frances Burgess; Lauren Burrow; Brandon Butler; Kevin Cataldo; Lizhen Chet; Michael Chilcutt; Paseka Chisale; Margaret Clark; Alicia Crowe; Gayle Curtis; Jackie Cusimano; Ramona Cutri; Ronnie Davey; Mark; Diacopoulos; Elizabeth Dorman; Kristina Doubet; Tess Dussling; Lara Ervin-Kassab; Alysha Farrell; Linda Fitzgerald; Micheal Flannery; Tim Fletcher; Maria Assunção Flores; Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer; Rodrigo Fuentealbajara; Jolanta Galecka; Dawn Garbett; Wendy Gardiner; Leslie Gauna; Natasha Gerstenschlager; Karen Rut Gísladóttir; Melva Grant; Elizabeth Grassi; William Greene; Hafdís Guðjónsdóttir; Joseph Hanks; Laura Haniford; Rena Heap; Susan Hillman; Tierney Hinman; Brian Hurley; Marie Huxtable; Ybeth Iglesias; Svanborg R. Jónsdóttir; Signe Kastberg; Michaelann Kelley; Julian Kitchen; Michael Krell;  Devon Lejman; Laura Link; Alyson Lischka; Kelly Lormand; Mark McCarthy;  Tanya Manning-Lewis; Derek Markides; Adrian Martin; Ian Matheson; Kathie MacKay; Jane McIntosh-Cooper; Elaine Marhefka; Barbara McNeil; Nosipho Mbatha; Diane Miller; Tammy Mills; Maggie Mnayer; Tamar Meskin; Kate Mezafernandez; Carol Moriarty Marguerite Muller; Martin Malmstrom; Lungile Masinga; Shaun Murphy; Inbanathan Naicker; Megumi Nishida; Mary Nugent; Olufunke Oba; Kevin O'Connor; Anne Odwyer; Elsie Olan; Edda Óskarsdóttir; Alan Ovens; Angela Pack; Kevin Patton; Miroslav Petrovic; Rod Philpot; Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan; Pam Powell; Candy Skyhar; Jeff Spanke; Rebecca Sanchez; Jamelyn Tobery-Nystrom; Mia Sosa-Provencio; Miroslav Petrovic; Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan; Daisy Pillay; Jason Pearson; Cecilia Pincock; Eliza Pinnegar; Stefinee Pinnegar; Laurie Ramirez; Mary Rice; Miriam Richards; Michael Richardson; Tom Russell; Kerry Robertson; Zareen Rahman; Elizabeth Stevens; Gladys Sterenberg; Vincent Suber; Kathleen Sellers; Lavina Sequeira; Melanie Shoffner; Abigail Stebbins; Melissa Stanley; Amy Staples; Kathryn Strom; Tony Sweeney; Elizabeth Stolle; Nobuko Takeda; Lynn Thomas; Amy Tondreau; Tanya Vanderwalt; Linda Vanlaren; Chelsea Wharin; Georgann Cope Watson; Kristen White; Katie Whitley; Gretchen Whitman; Jack Whitehead; Nance Wilson; Helena Omaña Zapata; Eve Zehavi; Mona Zignego

We also wish to thank Royce Kimmons, the creator of Equity Press books. From the onset of our book, Royce was incredibly helpful, attentive, and patient as we navigated the online platform and throughout the process of creating this book. We appreciate the foresight of Royce and his team in the creation of an open-source publishing platform with the goal to, "make good scholarly work more open and accessible." We also wish to thank Northern Michigan University, Graduate Assistant, Kate Waring for her organization and eye for detail that ensured that the book’s formatting was completed accurately. We thank and appreciate her willingness to be part of this process. 

Walking in the shoes of others is the most certain way to grow appreciation. With that sentiment, we wish to thank Dawn Garbett and Alan Ovens, (aka Dalen) who again acted as mentors from halfway around the world and never once hesitated to meet with us despite the significant gap in time between our parts of the world. As we look ahead to the next Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices International Castle Conference in 2025, we appreciate knowing our partnership and friendship with these two New Zealand rockstars will continue. 

It is with the utmost gratitude that we acknowledge our department head, Joe Lubig. The three of us (Abby, Bethney, and Christi) joined the faculty at Northern Michigan University around the same time. As we navigated the transition from public school teaching to academia, Joe continues to provide support, guidance, and unwavering belief in us as educators and researchers were shown to us in a multitude of ways. Our requests for time and space to teach and research together, for support to disseminate and share our research with others is always answered with a "Yes, we can make that happen because your work is important." Joe is an educator-leader who puts his faculty first and works tirelessly to create and support opportunities for others to be successful. We are forever grateful to be part of his team. 

Finally, we wish to thank our families who understood that these three moms would be in meetings for hours on end-- at all times of the day and night-- working to bring this book and conference to fruition. We thank Chris, Tessa, and Ella Standerford, John, Aiden, Eli, and Owen Edge, and Luca Crum for their support, hugs, snacks, and love. 

                                                                                                   Abby Cameron-Standerford, Bethney Bergh, and Christi Edge

                                                                                                                                                  Northern Michigan University, USA

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