Section III: What opportunities are you considering, contemplating, exploring, or embracing to contribute to different communities and audiences?

“Listen before you push”Rural Experience and Its Impact on the Identities and Practice(s) of Teachers/Teacher EducatorsUngradingSomething Happened Enacting a Relational Approach As an EditorMissed ConnectionsCollaboratively Cultivating Critical Racial Literacy Practices for Teacher EducationExamining the Value of Integrated Arts in Teacher Education From a Collaborative Cross-Border Cross-Institutional S-STEP Perspective Liberating Our Anti-Racist SelvesLooking Back to Move Forward“We Are Going to Need a Bigger Bottle”Dancing With OthersThree Thresholds in a Single CrossingTaking StockDeveloping a Sense of Belonging in Spaces for Community Curricular CollaborationLiving Up to ExpectationsLearning About Self Through a Multi-Institution Inquiry Into New Teacher Preparedness Post-COVID Experience As a Clinical Faculty Associate Shifting Teacher and Teacher Educator IdentityExploring the Role of Mentorship, Resistance, and AffirmationEnacting Theory-Practice Pedagogies"It helps us remember our why"Looking Into the Rear-View Mirror While Moving ForwardWhat Advice Would We Give Ourselves on the Threshold of a VUCA Environment?

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