Section II: What inspires you to pause, deliberate, consider, or take a mindful stance to determine new or enduring practices?

A Course That Explores Indigenous Perspectives of AssessmentA Self-Study of Whiteness and Teaching About Teaching Race in a Social Studies Methods CourseBuilding the Boat, Growing the TreeArticulating a Pedagogy of DiscussionNavigating the Thresholds and Crossing Boundaries Into Academic Leadership Interrogating Grading Practices in Mathematics MethodsTrials and Tribulations of Transitioning Into LeadershipVoices in Debriefing Mathematics Methods TeachingLearning How to Be a Better Teacher Educator OnlineParallel PerformanceTeaching As OrchestrationUncovering Care in My Pedagogy and Collaborative Self-Study“It is a bit like cooperating as teachers”Reflecting on Supervision During Emergency Remote TeachingBuilding and Modeling Warm Demander Teaching IdentitiesPerspectives on Trauma-Informed Practice During Pandemic Zoom TeachingNavigating Leadership With an Eye Toward EquityListening PedagogiesDiscovering the Value of Ticket Out of Class as Critical Reflection and Formative AssessmentIn Pursuit of Quality Teaching and LearningPedagogy in ProgressThreshold InertiaPedagogical CareImplementing Standards-Based Grading in the University ClassroomUngrading as Turning Point in “Forever on the Way” to Becoming Critical Educators

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