• Pausing at the Threshold
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  • Section I: How can we position, reposition, reframe, re-imagine, integrate new learnings from the past, present, and future?
  • Section II: What inspires you to pause, deliberate, consider, or take a mindful stance to determine new or enduring practices?
  • Section III: What opportunities are you considering, contemplating, exploring, or embracing to contribute to different communities and audiences?
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  • Pausing at the Threshold

    Opportunity Through, With, and For Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices

    Table of Contents

    Abby Cameron-Standerford

    Northern Michigan University

    Abby Cameron-Standerford is an Associate Professor and serves as the Director of the Graduate Learning Disabilities Program at Northern Michigan University.
    Bethney Bergh

    Northern Michigan University

    Bethney Bergh is an Associate Professor at Northern Michigan University and serves as the Director of the Graduate Educational Leadership Programs.
    Christi U. Edge

    Northern Michigan University

    Christi Edge is a Professor of Education and serves as the Director of Graduate Reading Programs and the Extended Learning and Community Engagement Scholar at Northern Michigan University. She teaches undergraduate literacy methods courses and graduate courses in the reading program. Her research addresses teachers' and teacher educators' meaning-making in face-to-face and online settings.

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