LA 8.1: Teachers Advocating Together

Presenting Our Advocacy Position


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Evaluate, select, and advocate for applicable models of family and community involvement and support implementation.  

 Work in partnerships with families and communities to create positive learning environments. 

Assessment: 200 pts.

TA: 2 hours

Teachers can advocate for students, parents, families, and colleagues.  The role of advocacy is central to being an educator and they will continue to advocate throughout their careers. 

Students have completed the Parent and Family course and will now present the Advocacy Position Paper and Presentation to the class.


  1. The facilitator will determine the order of presentations for the evening and assign evaluators for each presentation. The presentation should be no more than 25 minutes. Each person will evaluate only one other presentation. 
  2. The evaluators will use the Peer Oral Presentation Evaluation Form.
  3. After you present your paper, collect the evaluation forms from your peers.
  4. At the end of class, you will give the facilitator one copy of your paper and the evaluations other students gave you.
  5. All groups need to listen and participate appropriately to the other group’s presentations.   
  6. After all the presentations have been made, discuss as a whole class the ideas that resonnated with you and the useful ideas and arguments for advocacy you learned from the group. 

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