• Family, School, and Community Partnerships
  • Preparation for Session One
  • Session One: Community, Assumptions, and PTA Standards
  • Session Two: Preparing to Cross Borders
  • Session Three: Family and Community Engagement
  • Session Four: Collaboration
  • Session Five: Exploring Community Resources
  • Session Six: High Expectations English Learners
  • Session Seven: Responding to Student and Family Needs
  • Session Eight: Advocating for Students and Families
  • Download
  • Translations
  • HW 1.1 Reflection on My Practice with Families and Community


    Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

    Demonstrate knowledge of how to use family and community members as a resource in learning.

    Assessment: 50 pts.

    Due: Session 2

    Teachers can act in their practice and reflect on their action using they learn about working with ELs. 

    Students have learned theories and strategies for teaching ELs in their regular classrooms and how to respond to include parents, families, and communities in their children's education. 


    1. At the end of each session the facilitator will assign the participants to write in their journal addressing several questions. The journal will be turned in on the final session for the facilitator to review.  The journal may also be used during group discussions on the following week.  Bring your journal with you to class each week as you may be asked to refer to them during group discussions. 
    2. For session one answer the following questions:
      1. Of the five belief statements, which one did you feel a personal connection to and why? Which one, if any, did you disagree with and why?
      2. Now that you have been introduced to the five standards of Inclusive Pedagogy, which one do you feel you are most familiar with and what evidence of the standard do you see in your classroom
      3. What is your over-all feeling of the endorsement thus far and what do you hope the endorsement will do for you?


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