3.1: Hollywood Movies About the Branches of Government

Hollywood movies about U.S. political history tell viewers as much about the times in which the films were made as the historical stories shown on the screen. Dr. Strangelove (1964) expresses fears of nuclear war during the Cold War. All the President's Men (1976) shows courageous reporters uncovering government scandals and secrets. Rambo (1982) extolls the power of American heroes in the post-Vietnam War era. Malcolm X (1992) reflected a growing awareness of the need for racial and social justice in society.

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In these activities, you will critically evaluate how political films portray the roles of each branch of the government and then design a movie trailer for your own political film.

Activity 1: Analyze Political Films About the Branches of the Government

Designing for Learning: Student-Created Activity Example

Analyze Political Films About the Branches of the Government - Movie Poster

Activity 2: Design a Movie Trailer for Your own Political Film

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