LA 2.9 Learning from Vocabulary Research

Considering Vocabulary Research to Build Academic Literacy


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Employ a variety of strategies, materials and resources in standards-based ESL and content instruction.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 25 Minutes

Teachers can apply corpus study research in designing lessons and interaction structures for student work.

Students have read about text modification and academic vocabulary and prepare to read a corpus study to understand modifying difficult text for student understanding.


1. Together you will read the article that presents an overview of vocabulary research.  Divide responsibility for teaching each other by looking at the accompanying Note Sheet. Number off and #1 reads about the first 2 points; #2 reads the second two points; #3 reads the fifth point; and #4 reads the last point. 

2. As you read, use the note sheet to prepare to report the pertinent ideas in your section and jot down ideas to share with your group. 

3. Share with your group your understandings. Take notes on the ideas others present. 

4. Now look at the glossary page. Go through each item and pay special attention to the following: corpus, tokens/types, word families, and the difference between lexical density and lexical density. The difference between what are tokens and what are types are important for understanding ideas in your homework. Come to agreement as to what these items mean. 

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