LA 1.4 Outlining and Applying the Assessment System

Considering Identification and Placement Processes for Specific Students


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand how to select and administer norm-referenced language proficiency instruments.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 15 Minutes

Teachers will be able to apply the assessment system to students they need to have assessed and placed.

Students have reviewed assessment purposes. They now consider the system for assessing and placing students using a case of a student.


1. Working with your colleagues create an outline of the placement process for ELs including identification, placement, exiting and monitoring ELs. Use the notes from the Video Segment you just watched or notes from the powerpoint and Resource 1.7 p. 38 in Gottlieb that you reviewed in LA 1.3. 

2. Now in a group, read the assessment details (found below) about either Alex C if you teach in a secondary school or Xian O if you teach in an elementary school. (You might also want to use the handout “Hellman Chart" you used in LA 1.3 and the list of assessments there and from LA 1.1).

3. Outline the steps you would take with each student based on the system diagram you just made.

Elementary EL Student Case 

Student Name: Xian O. 

Student Grade: 4

Content Teacher: Mr. Smith 

Background Information: 

Birth Country: China

Home Language: Mandarin 

Background: Immigrated from China with his family in 3rd grade

Prior Schooling:Continuous school experience in China in an international school where he learned English instruction in listening, speaking, and reading

Interests: computers, programming 

Secondary EL Student Case 

Student Name: Alex C. 

Student Grade: 10th Grade 

Content Teacher: Math/Science Mrs. Coronado 

ELD Teacher: Mrs. Winters 

Background Infromation: 

Birth Country: Russia

Home Language: Russian

Background: Immigrated from Russia with family in 8thgrade

Prior Schooling: Continuous school experience in Russia with limited social English instruction in listening, speaking, and reading

Interests: Soccer and repairing bicycles


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