LA 7.1 Useful, Meaningful, and Equitable Assessment

Investigating The TELL Assessment Tool


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand issues of assessment and accommodation and will use a variety of measurement tools to evaluate English Language Learners for placement, proficiency and instruction.

Assessment: 25 pts.

15 min.

Teachers can build and demonstrate their assessment literacy and ability to effectively implement the assessment process by using the TELL Assessment tool as they create, use, and gain information from student's work and tests.

Students have studied concepts and practices for assessing linguistically diverse students during the course. Now they will investigate and analyze the Assessment Tool for this course. 


1. For HW 6.2, you reviewed the Assessment Literacy Chart (here is the link to the chart if you would like to access it) and issues of coherence and reliability using three case studies. Report on the cases you analyzed.

2. Then report what you think is your most important learning, change in your practice, or commitment to future work in relationship to one of the three concepts (Useful, Meaningful, Equitable). Then be prepared to share your thinking with the whole group.

4. Participate in a shower of Ideas with the class. The facilitator will write your idea or aha on the board as you shout them out. (Try not to speak on top of someone else as you do this.)

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