Topic 4

The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

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Snapshot of Topic 4

Supporting Question

What is the role of the individual in maintaining a healthy democracy?

Standards [8.T1.1-13]

  1. Becoming a Citizen
  2. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens and Non-Citizens
  3. Civic, Political and Private Life
  4. Fundamental Principles and Values of American Political and Civic Life
  5. Voting and Citizen Participation
  6. Election Information
  7. Leadership and the Qualities of Good Leaders
  8. Cooperation between Individuals and Leaders
  9. Public Service as a Career
  10. Liberty in Conflict with Equality or Authority
  11. Political Courage and Those Who Affirmed or Denied Democratic Ideals
  12. The Role of Political Protest
  13. Public and Private Interest Groups

Topic 4: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

Topic 4 explores the rights and responsibilities of citizens in our democracy. It consists of 13 standards ranging from how to become a citizen to the different ways that each of us can actively participate in political and civic life through voting, public service, political protest, and membership in public and private interest groups.