Homework 1.5: Guidelines for Presentation on Standards for Effective Pedagogy

Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge and use of the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards  in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources

Assessment: 50 pts.

Teacher candidates in a group  prepare and teach one of the Standards for Effective Pedagogy to their classmates. 

Students have been introduced to the Standards for Effective Pedagogy in previous courses in the TELL program. They now peruse the instructions for creating a presentation to teach to their fellow classmates. 


1. Review the instructions to guide you in creating a presentation to your classmatesabout one of the Standards for Effecitve Pedagogy  here. You may also want to review the Standards for Effective Pedagogy Indicators linke here. 

2. After viewing the information in the link above, consider the scoring guide for this assignment linked here. The Tharp article needed for the scoring guide is linked here. 

3. After perusing these documents, note questions you may have about how to complete this assignment with your group. Bring your questions to session 2 so they can be resolved. 

4. You will need to watch the Standards for Effective Pedagogy video found here

5. The week before your group teaches you will need to meet with the instructor for about 10 minutes after class. 

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