Homework 1.6 MSDLA Documents

Assignment Description, Rubric, & Works in Progress (WIP) Documents
Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Demonstrate knowledge and use of the Utah English Language Proficiency Standards  in selection of programs,practices and strategies related to planning, implementing, and managing ESL and content instruction, including classroom, organization,teaching strategies for development and integrating language skills, and choosing and adapting classroom resources.

Assessment: 50 pts.

Teacher candidate will be able to both design an MSDLA and articulate their knowledge of why the design represents best practices for teaching ELs.  

Students have been introduced to TELL Tools in prerequisite courses. They will now review their knowledge of three tools used in the current course by participating in MSDLAs, which they will create as the major project of the course. 


  1. The major assignment of this course is the completion of the construciton of a Multiple Simultaneous Learning Activities (MSDLAs) project. A classroom teacher who works with ELs will come to class next week and identify a standard from the core in math, science, or history or other content s/he would like to have an MSDLA developed for.
  2. You will work in small groups and construct this together. (Your group will produce 5 Centers. One of them will be a teacher center.) 
  3. Please review the documents below and come to class with questions about the assignment.
  4. Each of the items below is linked and when you click on it, it will take you to the document.
  5. As you look through the documents, do not panic. We will work on this across the semester with lots of opportunities for questions and guidance.
  6. This assignment asks you bring together and integrate everything you have learned about teaching ELs and promoting their language and content learning. 

The MSDLA Assignment: This document has two parts. First a description of the assignment and then a checklist for you to use when you submit the final document. 

The MSDLA Template: You do not need to use this a a template, but put your document together following the structure of  the form provided in the template. The first column indicates the details and the points for each. 

The MSDLA Rubric: This is rubric that will be used to evaluate your MSDLA project. 

The Works-in-Progress (WIP) Document: Download this document to google docs and share with your group. Group members will add explanatory notes about the things you learn that can be used to explain why you did what you did in your MSDLA. 

Resource Documents you can use when you finally put your document together. 

Rotation Schedule: You will download this and added it to your final document. 

Assessment Market Place: This is a compilation of informal assessment strategies that you might use for your activity centers in this assignment. 

Comprehension Market Place  These are descriptions of strategies you might use in your activity centers to promote comprehension. 

Writing a content and language objective : This sheet gives you simply guideance for writing content and language objectives. Additional help can be found at this web site: https://equitypress.org/-HJgH

In order to support you in constructing your MSDLA assignment, we have link examples that might help you with yours. 

Teacher Task Card Examples:

Student Task Card Examples: 

Student and Teacher Task Card Examples: 

Planning web example located here.

MSDLA Examples: These are MSDLAs produced by past students. 

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