LA 6.2: Critical Learning Domains

Determining Developmental Practices to Support ELs Cognitive, Linguistic, and Social/Affective Development


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand and apply knowledge of how cultural identities impact language learning and school success by creating an environment that is inclusive of all students.   

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 65 Minutes

Teachers pay attention to the three critical learning domains as they plan and present lessons so that the needs of English language learners are clearly met.   

Students have studied the “school game” and how it affects ELs in the classroom.  They are now prepared to examine the three critical learning domains: Linguistic, Cognitive, and Social/Affective.


    1. Divide the class into three groups. Then each group will form triads within it. Initially, teachers work in their triad.

    2. Each large group learns about one of the three critical learning domains: Linguistic, Cognitive, Social/Affective

    3. Each triad will access the explanation for the domain they were assigned from the links above. The links below will provide additional information. You can review the materials linked below and also feel free to find additional resources. Check these sites first and then try other sites:




      4. Colorincolorado sites:,

    4. The large domain group will have 20 minutes to select the most important and salient points for their domain.  Then they will move to their domain chart and organize their points under these topic areas.

      1. A basic understanding or definition of the domain.

      2. Basic background knowledge of the domain provided in the supplemental information.

      3. Ideas on how to implement the domain in the classroom with examples from their own teaching.

    5. After the charts are completed, participate in a gallery walk to see the information located on each chart.  Start at one that you didn’t study, taking notes on the other 2 domains.  

    6. Finally, participate in a whole class discussion of the cognitive, linguistic and social/affective learning domains and their importance when teaching ELs. 

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