LA 6.1: Sharing Thinking about Program Models

Evaluating Preferred Programs for your Context


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Interpret the historical context of diversity and discrimination and evaluate how it impacts current practices

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 20 Minutes

Teachers can determine the program model and practices that best meet the needs of their students.

Students have studied and described a second language learner in their community and identified the learner’s needs. Students have observed interactions in a classroom, while viewing the TELL case studies, about the various programs available. Students are now prepared to discuss the information gained from these activities with their peers. Students can reflect on and analyze those interactions and address the implications of those interactions on teaching practice.


  1. Review the notes you took on the Bilingual Programs and Practices Case that you watched for HW 5.3.
  2. In your group, discuss the case, using this guide. Consider: What you learned, what you re-learned and what you un-learned and what matters most. 
  3. Be prepared to share responses to the questions in #3.

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