LA 4.5: Common Compliance Issues from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) and the Department of Justice (DOJ)

Reviewing Legalities, Practices, and Concerns in Light of Compliance Issues


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Interpret the historical context of diversity and discrimination and evaluate how it impacts current practices.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 60 Minutes

Teachers can prepare better instruction and provide a better learning climate for their students making learning accessible to English language learners.

Students have read and discussed federal laws and policies regarding the education of English language learners.  They will now read and study about the Office of Civil Rights.


  1. Go to the link to the Dear Colleague Memo from the Department of Justice and the Office of Civil Rights.  When this was presented, the person from the Office of Justice, indicated that while this memo was written in 2013, the issues raised have remained constant for over 20 prior years.  
  2. Scroll down and go to section 2, which begins on p. 8, Common Civil Rights Issues.  Note the 10 items listed.  Each item has a page or two explaining what needs to be done. Divide them amongst you (usually 2 to 3 items each).
  3. Now access the chart that allows each person to examine a section, record details and prepare to share their thinking so that others in the group can complete their charts. 
  4. After each person has completed the items they were assigned, they will report what they learned from their assigned sections.  Others in the group will fill in their forms based on what each person teaches.
  5. The facilitator will lead a discussion about your learnings.  Questions may be asked as together you discuss teacher, school and district responsibilities in working with ELs. 

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