LA 1.4: Considering a Framework for Meeting the Needs of My Students

Jigsaw Reading for Inclusive Pedagogy


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Understand and apply knowledge of how cultural identities impact language learning and school success by creating an environment that is inclusive of all students.

Assessment: 25 pts.

TA: 45 Minutes

Teachers can use the Inclusive Pedagogy framework to create an inclusive environment for each student and to increase the use of best practices of ESL instruction

Students have thought about how to understand cultural diversity in their classroom and are now prepared to learn about a framework that will help them create inclusive learning environments for ELs and other learners.


  1. Review the Inclusive Pedagogy framework in the link.  Pay attention to the Five Characteristics, Goal Questions, and Reflection for Change Questions.

  2. Divide the students into five groups and assign each group one of the characteristics from the articles in the TELL TOOLS book

  3. Each group will read the materials and discuss the content of the standard along with the Goal Questions, and Reflection for Change Question.   

  4. The group will then plan a 5-minute presentation for the class reviewing the characteristic and content including personal examples from their own teaching and suggestions for teachers.

    Note: Inclusive Pedagogy is the Framework for one of the capstone projects which is a portfolio. Each section of the portfolio represents a different Inclusive Pedagogy characteristic. The section will include an artifact that demonstrates your understanding of the characteristic with a brief description of the artifact and how it relates to the characteristic, and your personal response to the reflection for change question.

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