HW 2.2: The State's Changing Demographics

Video and Discussion


Learning Outcome Pedagogical Intent Student Position

Utahs changing Demographics and the historical context of diversity and discrimination and what it means for the future of ELs.

Assessment: 25 pts.

Due: Session 4

Teachers can begin to understand the changing demographics of Utah and how they affect their perspective and pedagogy.

Teachers have been introduced to the ESL belief statements and the standards for Inclusive Pedagogy.  They have reflected on their own beliefs and pedagogy.  They now begin to understand the changing demographics of their state and neighborhood and how it will affect their pedagogy.


  1. Watch the first video of Pam Perlich as an introduction to the second one.  Then view the second video (or other video applicable for your state).
    1. https://equitypress.org/-ZUT
    2. https://equitypress.org/-YBm
  2. As you watch the second, longer video, view only the segments you have been assigned:

    1. 2:28—9:01 (Growth and Urbanization) and 9:01-12:20 (Migration)

    2. 12:26—16:27 (Aging population/dependency) and 18:54—21:52--Utah/National Trends)

    3. 21:52—32:46 (Generational shift and mixed heritage)

    4. 32:46—38:32 (Neighborhood diversity)

  3. All students need to watch the rest of the video from 38:32—end.

  4. Use the notes you took on your part of the viewing to answer these questions:

    1. What are the facts you found?

    2. What do these facts imply for teachers?

    3. How does this support or change your view about educating English learners to meet their potential?  

  5. The facilitator will lead the discussion to elicit ideas from the class regarding the third question.

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